Artist’s Statement

From a young age, my father actively involved me in computers. We would work together late into the night exploring the limits of various drawing programs and asking ‘what if we did this?’ for hours. Unbeknownst to me, my father was teaching me both how to use the computer, and how to design digitally. I had always been interested in art and endlessly spent hours teaching myself various artistic techniques. Under my father’s direction, my thirst for art was channeled into numerous design software programs that provided fresh new looks, vibrant colors, amazing effects and clean designs. Watching technology evolve at the speed of light, I knew that someday art would be made using a computer. With the dawn of the pressure sensitive tablets and programs like Adobe’s Photoshop, I was now able to bring my artistic voice to the digital environment. Working in this environment, I have no limitations other than my imagination and the storage capacity of a computer. Meanwhile, I spent my time absorbing classic fine art techniques with the goal of bringing those techniques into the digital realm. Along the way, I have documented my process and share willingly what I have learned with the next generation of budding artists. I hope to bridge the gap between fine art instruction, and the new technological tools made available for generating art. Art generated with the computer allows me great expressive control over the medium in a non-destructive process. After my father’s passing in 2001, I have continued to ask ‘What if?’ My continued exploration has led to happy accidents, side detours into personal growth, and amazing works of art that I never dreamed possible.