jeome1916.jpgTom Monarch is a freelance Graphic Artist who lives and works in Lexington, Kentucky. Born in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1968, Mr. Monarch completed his design degree in 1997 from Eastern Kentucky University. While completing his degree, Mr. Monarch worked as a master draftsman in the Environmental Engineering field. After spending 20 years in the field and working freelance graphic design, Mr. Monarch decided to expand his graphic design work to full time. In 2009, Mr. Monarch started Monarch Graphics in Lexington, Kentucky. His work focuses on the field of Graphic Design, digital painting and children’s illustration. Mr. Monarch has been exhibited both locally and regionally. He has worked collaboratively for a show and exhibited in six University group shows. He has just completed his 11th-year as graphic design/illustrator for the Fencers Attacking Diabetes-Sport-Fencing-Competition in Cleveland, Ohio and is a regular contributor to charity fundraising auctions throughout central Kentucky.

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